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Extremely cheap!!!

The pure undiluted Citrus oil.

Perfect for aroma therapy.

Or mix it oneself with e.g. olive oil to the perfect massage oil.

For triel 0,1 Jiter 21 €

1 Liter citrus oil: 107 €

10 Liter citrus oil: 933 €

+ transmission fees.

Please contact:

Lemon oil

Lemon oil

The Oli is slightly yellow to greenish yellow with a fresh, slight scent that is almost identical with the scent from a fresh peeled a lemon.

A metric ton of fresh fruit gives about 3 kgs. lemon oil.

Lemon oil is extracted by lemon peels at cold-pressing. 25-30 lemons give 10 ml of oil. This Lemon oil com from Mexico.

The lemon trees are evergreen trees with nice smelling white flowers and greatly aromatic fruits.

Lemon are thought to come from China and were first commonly known in the south of Europe about 16. century.

Lemon oil has refreshing characteristics cleaningly and.

Mix it with water and spray it out at the space, it gives a lovely fresh scent at the same time as it clears the air.

Lemon oil is also called the reason's oil, because it takes care of the thoughts and helps in the decision-making process.