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Wholesale sales of pure undiluted citrus oils/citrus oil's both lemon and lime oils.

Aroma therapy with Essentielle Olier especially Citrus - lighten fear, depression and confusion. Brings mood and strengthens in the time with disease and convalescence. Stimulates the immune- and the nervous system. Citrus oils contribute for the cleansing of blood- and the lymphatic system. Strengthening for liver, gall bladder, pancreas and circulations. Antiseptic characteristics, which contribute for wound healing and cure infections. Good at the digestion system. Counteracts accumulation of acid and cholesterol in the body.

Citrus oils and Essential oils - Aroma therapy.

The clean, fresh lemon scent wakes the life strengths up.
Very suitable in the morning, because it seems freshening on body and soul.
And your skin feels freshly all day.
Seems preventive at cellulitis and at weakening of the elasticity in the connective tissue.
Re-establishes the suppleness in dry, stressful skin.

Use: Put on like a massage oil on dry or moist skin after shower or bath.

Effective to take the smell off among other things tobacco.

Our Citru's oils are the clean product!

Make your own massage oil with 90-95 ml of almond/olive oil and 5-10 ml pure citrus oil.

Citrus oils in english
Citrus olier på dansk

Our Citru's oils are the clean product!

Lemon oil

Lemon oil is with safety produced with fresh lemons by finest quality.

The Citrus Oil is unsurpassed to fish - both as marinade, sauce and for cautious preparation. It can of course also be used to salad dressing and oceans of other things. Most of the ones that try it, stay rather depending :-)


Lemon the oil is a very fresh fragrant oil, it's good at cooking.